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Prada presents “Castello Cavalcanti” film by Wes Anderson

Prada recently collaborated with acclaimed director Wes Anderson- Moonrise Kingdom (2012), Life aquatic (2004,) The Royal Tenenbaums (2001) – for an eight minute short film, entitled “Castello Cavalcanti”, that combines Prada’s aesthetics with Anderson´s distinctive style. The film is the latest incarnation of “Prada Classics”, a series of fashion films that redefine the boundaries of art, architecture and film. The series had previously featured a collaboration with Roman Polanski for “A therapy” short film (2012), with Ben Kingsley as the therapist and Helena Bonham Carter as his patient. This is not the first time that Prada and Wes Anderson come together, since they also collaborated earlier this year for Prada Candy L’Eau perfume short film commercials, starring Léa Seydoux, which were co-directed with Roman Coppola. Prada has demonstrated many times her fascination for the big screen, having recently designed the costumes for Baz Luhrmann’s The Great Gatsby film.

“Castello Cavalcanti” takes us to a small village of Italy, back in 1955, where a race driver, interpreted by Anderson’s frequent collaborator Jason Scwartzman, just crashed his racing car into a statue of Jesus Christ. This is the beginning of a surreal story, with Scwartzman finding out that Castello Cavalcanti village is in fact his ancestors’ birthplace. After a couple of drinks, some Italian spaghetti and a chat with the village´s inhabitants, our hero decides to prolong his staying at this mysterious place. The film, which was shot at Rome´s legendary Cinecittà studios, also features Italian actress and director Giada Colagrande who plays a beautiful waitress.

“Castello Cavalcanti” is cinematographed by the acclaimed Darius Khondji and pays homage to Fellini’s films, with its paparazzi on motorbikes, its car races references and the Jesus Christ statue that is identical to the one featured at Fellini’s La Dolce Vita. The short film was launched at the Rome Film Festival on November and was also screened at Prada’s Soho store during a special event on December 10.