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Alan Jaras

Alan Jaras

I was born in England in 1940 and had a long career in industrial research as a scientist and photomicrographer; I still live in the North West of England.

I have always been fascinated by techniques which were able to visualise the invisible and which could lead to the discovery of hidden worlds. As a scientist, I studied the world of the very small, now, as a light artist, I have used my past experience to develop a photographic technique to explore the strange, intangible but beautiful world of refraction patterns – Refractography.

Working with transparent glass,plastics and resins I create small ‘refractive objects’ which replace the normal lens on a 35mm SLR film camera. Shining a single static beam of light on to the refractive object generates refraction patterns as the light passes through; these complex patterns are then recorded directly on to the 35mm colour film. In this   photographic technique the refractive object becomes the ‘lens’ and the light source the photographic subject.



    HG Issue celebrates Yayoi Kusama’s “A dream I dreamed” exhibition at MoCA Shanghai, offering a deep insight into her ever-inspiring life and career and paying homage to her iconic polka dots and “infinity mirror room” installations.

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    Artist, industrial research scientist and microscopist Alan Jaras presents to us his stunning, lensless photographs that, with their cosmic beauty and mesmerizing colors, make us feel a bit closer to the universe.

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