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Lesny JN Felix

Lesny JN Felix

Lesny JN Felix was born 1976 in Haiti. Very few years have the cultural significance as being born in the year of the Dragon. Possessing magical powers, the versatile Dragon is capable of soaring to the highest heavenly heights or diving to the depths of the sea. It has been stated that Dragons may devote themselves to a great cause or work, and if so, they will see it through to the end. Lesny is definitely the embodiment of the Dragon as it relates to his dedication when producing his great pieces of art.

He spent his childhood years by the ocean in a small Haitian town named Grand Goâve. His first influences as an artist were drawn from the kaleidoscope of colors of bright pink, turquoise and green produced from the houses when overlooking the horizon. The juxtaposition of this idyllic setting coupled with overcoming a myriad of personal challenges helped to shape Lesny JN Felix as an artist.

From malaria as a child to being orphaned as a result of two tragic accidents, Lesny is no stranger to overcoming adversity.

By age 12, Lesny and his family migrated to America. This move was filled with part excitement and fear as Lesny knew this was the land of opportunity. In his twenties, he became a club promoter but deep down he knew he yearned for a deeper fulfillment.

One evening, in a Tribeca warehouse, Lesny met a mysterious artist working on multiple art pieces. In that moment, Lesny’s destiny was manifest and he knew he was born to be an artist. Not having a formal art education, Lesny decided to educate himself on the craft. Previously,

Lesny met Dr. Susanne Reichling, a German-born art historian who educated him on the many schools and styles of the arts world.

His first works were collages which proved to be a cathartic process much to his surprise. In 2005, he began painting on canvas and his works were filled with Matisse-like swirls, unrestrained splashes of paint lapping at the canvas despite not being familiar with his Fauvist work.

Over the last seven years, Lesny’s paintings have become more nuanced and unbelievably vibrant. They can be characterized as a visual feast for the eyes. Untitled (Kaleidoscope) (2010) looks like a Hieronymus Bosch painting gone mad abstract. As a stream-of-consciousness painter, Lesny allows spontaneity to shape his work. “I don’t sketch, draw, plan anything out.

“My approach is to sketch it right on the canvas”, he explains. “I like to  use the unexpected and just go full on with it. Through the painting you’ll find areas that were unexpected, but I just let it be. I cannot put a tap on the energy that flows in the air. I leave it to simmer the thoughts.”

The brilliant beams of sunlight that burst into his 14-foot-ceilinged studio provide great inspiration. One day those beams created a natural Mondrian pattern and he seized the opportunity sketching the outline with a pencil and his 2012 “masterpiece” Untitled (Mundus Subterranea) (2012) was born.

At first glance it seems to be “all over the place” and very unstructured, hurried and garish. Upon closer inspection, though, Piet Mondrian’s influence becomes evident in the subtle grid system hidden in the layout.

Perhaps the work that most strongly highlights Lesny JN Felix’s unique style, oddly enough, is the 13 x 10 foot large collaboration with fellow painter Rick Wray, Untitled (Inotropic) (2013). Wray paints bold black-and-white geometric abstraction art. The mathematical precision of Wray’s work truly highlights the sensuality and seductiveness of Lesny’s work.

Lesny’s main artistic interests are colors and shapes and the multi-faceted ways of combining them on the blank space of the canvas.

In the past years, his forms have morphed into totally independent entities, which become the “figures” of his abstract paintings. As a result of his unbridled passion, Lesny founded his one-man movement “New Abstraction News” to push the concepts of non-figurative art, spontaneity, and impulse to the next level, from where the Abstract Expressionist painters left off.

Lesny redefines spontaneity as he does not plan out his paintings in advance. His New Abstraction News movement is a call to art that is unwavering in it’s desire to be authentic.

Lesny’s work brings vitality that directly intersects with the power that the Chinese Dragon exudes. The interaction with his work is awe-inspiring.