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Sebastian wahl

Sebastian wahl

In my collages I use hand made papers that I have been collecting since I discovered my medium in 1992. The images found in my collages are drawn from a collection I started at that same time. The constant search collecting and cataloging of images, papers and anything that could be used in my work is a large part of what I do and is one part of the process that I love.

Having lived in NYC for the past 20 years, mixing images taken from all walks of life is something that is important to me. It is what I love about NYC. Here on Manhattan there are all these people from all over the planet on one island getting along with each other. It’s a beautiful thing. My medium allows me to mimic this in wonderful ways; ways that sometimes make for quite surreal scenes.

Mused by sacred geometry and shamanic visions I attempt to channel these inspirations into my work in the form of psychedelic landscapes, iconic, mandalic and spiritual mayhem.

Meticulously isolating the images from their original reality by cutting them out using an x-acto knife and then injecting them into a new reality with the help of glue, I place the selected images between multiple layers of clear resin building a collage time capsule in 3-dimensions.

The works have a story to tell and much like a good book that is read for the second time, I attempt to have my work reveal a slightly different version of it self over and over and if possible awaken the viewer’s imagination.

picture by www.patrikanderson.com



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