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Issue I Vol.1


    In 1911, photographer Edward Steichen took photos of gowns designed by Paul Poiret. These photographs were published in an issue of the magazine Art et Décoration. According to Jesse Alexander, this is now considered to be the first ever modern fashion photography shoot. Since then fashion photography has been involved with the art world in many different ways. With this art and fashion project, Hunter & Gatti are attempting to bring the timelessness of art to the world of fashion.

    The human figure is one of the most breathtaking subjects in art and in this issue we have paid homage to the flesh itself – the flesh, the skin, the body and blood. Contributors to this ISSUE were confronted with the immense task of triying to capture the human meaning of flesh using a few ordinary objects such as linen canvas, ground pigments, collages, drawings, words and photography. From Aurelien Juner’s confrontation between beauty and the flesh and the philosophical interpretations of Apóstolos Mitsios to the themes of possession running through Scout Paré- Phillips’s flesh…

    Hunter & Gatti duo are exploring their incredibly inexhaustible creativity in relation to fashion, art and photography, and I am very proud to have part of this amazing team.

    Welcome to the

    Anita Reartes
    Editor in Chief


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    by Hunter & Gatti

    Hunter and Gatti are inspired by the homonymous piece of pioneer still life painter Frans Snyders in order to depict the passionate dance between a charming swan and a fierce hunter in an endless search for beauty.

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    by Inge Jacobsen

    HG issue invites you to discover the creative world of Inge Jacobsen, an artist who uses needlework in order to transform Vogue and Harper’s Bazaar pages into cross-stitches, covering female models with her art of embroidered photography.

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    by Aurelien Juner

    Aurelien Juner explores the turbulent relationship between the beautiful and the ugly, the attractive and the repelling, as well as the sensual connotations of a key object of the 20th century:  the lipstick.

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    SERIES Nº2
    by Hunter & Gatti

    With a style exercise that combines the immediateness of photography with the three dimensional texture of a painting, Hunter and Gatti create a unique hybrid of beauty that stays intact in the midst of a continuous transformation.

  • Issue I Vol.1