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Issue III Vol.1


    We have always felt intrigued by the unknown, the inexplicable, the unexplored. And beyond any shadow of a doubt, there is nothing more mysterious and mind-blowing than the vast, silent openness of space.

    What’s surprising about our fascination with the universe is that, despite the fact that humanity has advanced considerably and nowadays technology is at its peak, we hardly know anything about its origins, or at least nothing definite. Space still exerts a tremendous appeal on us and planet Earth, the crown of the Milky Way, seems to wander eternally, full of mysteries, in the surrounding stardust.  After all, although in this modern age we seem to know more about the universe than what we knew some years ago, the unparalleled charm of a night sky full of stars still remains unexplained.

    For our HG Issue special we wanted to pay tribute to the Cosmos, to our awe-inspiring planet and its endless constellations that make us dream, this time through the eyes of art and fashion. From Alan Jaras’ light compositions that reflect his fascination with visualizing the invisible to Sebastian Wahl’s psychedelic landscapes, the goal was to open a creative dialogue and showcase the way the universe has inspired, and is still inspiring, all forms of creation.

    Our opening editorial by Hunter & Gatti, who exquisitely transformed the feminine body into a map of shining stars and brought the allure of the outer space on earth, sets the rhythm for our Cosmos special. Let the journey begin!

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    by Hunter & Gatti

    Discover our HG Cosmos special, with a Hunter & Gatti editorial that transforms the feminine body into a map of shining stars and brings the allure of the outer space on earth.

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    Louis Vuitton, Atacama Desert. By Kim Jones

    HG Issue offers an extensive view on Kim Jones’ f/w 2014-15 collection for Luis Vuitton, which is inspired by the incredible and unwrapping perspective of looking at the Earth from the space.

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    The Cosmic collages of Sebastian Wahl

    Artist Sebastian Wahl offers us a unique selection of his Mandala-inspired psychedelic collages that represent the energy of the universe and transcend the tangible limits of the here and now.

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    Lensless photography

    Artist, industrial research scientist and microscopist Alan Jaras presents to us his stunning, lensless photographs that, with their cosmic beauty and mesmerizing colors, make us feel a bit closer to the universe.

  • Issue III Vol.1