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Issue VII Vol.2


    For the second volume of our Anthony Bannwart special we had the opportunity to interview the artist himself and talk about the inspiration behind his work. We are also happy to reveal to our readers the second part of the POÏESIS project, featuring some of the world’s most talented photographers, as well as Hunter & Gatti’s photographic celebration of poiesis as a moment of ecstasis.




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    Hunter & Gatti interpret Martin Heidegger’s definition of poiesis as “the coming-out of a butterfly from a cocoon” in an editorial that explores the darkest side of Anthony Bannwart’s poietic text stamps.

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    Poeïsis by Anthony Bannwart vol.2

    Discover the second part of the POÏESIS project and get immersed into a photographic journey inside the heart of Anthony Bannwart’s ephemeral texts, where words, skin and ink become one.

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    Anthony Bannwart interview

    Anthony Bannwart reveals the inspiration behind his interdisciplinary projects, his thoughts on the ephemeral nature of art and the way technology and social media can influence artistic creation and collaboration.

  • Issue VII Vol.2