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  • Aron Demetz exhibition at Terreno Baldío gallery, Mexico

  • Aron Demetz exhibition at Terreno Baldío gallery, Mexico

  • Aron Demetz exhibition at Terreno Baldío gallery, Mexico


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Aron Demetz exhibition at Terreno Baldío gallery, Mexico

Terreno Baldío gallery, in collaboration with Barbara Paci gallery, Italy, presents the first ever exhibition of acclaimed Italian sculptor Aron Demetz in Mexico. The exhibition features a selection of his recent works, including more than 20 sculptures that cast a light on his unique experimentations with wood. Demetz was born and raised in Val Gardena, northern Italy, and his work is heavily influenced by the South Tyrolean woodcarving techniques of the 17th century. In his intent to reinvent traditional carving methods, Demetz often sets his creations on fire, creating an impressive charcoal effect. He also applies vegetal resin that he personally collects from the Val Gardena forests on his sculptures, transforming wood into skin and adding a carnal quality to his creations.

Demetz’s sculptures raise questions about the vulnerability of the human body, as well as our symbiotic relationship with nature, exploring the link between life and death, suffering and recovery. Sometimes he lets wood fibers cover the sculptures’ surface by using an intricate, computer-aided technique, creating ultra-fine and smooth parts that constitute a second skin. By celebrating human imperfections, Demetz pays homage to the memories hidden behind human wounds and the transformative power of healing.

His awe-inspiring works, delicate and intriguing at the same time, are charged with existential power, captivating the spectator with their imposing presence and deep melancholy. Aron Demetz’s exhibition, which will include an impressive site-specific sculpture based on an Italian nineteenth-century altarpiece originally made of wood and covered with gold leaf, runs from April 16 to July 18, 2015, at Terreno Baldío gallery, Orizaba 177 esq. San Luis, Colonia Roma, Mexico.