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  • Zhang Wei, Artificial Theater – Profile portraits of unknown woman 3, 2012

  • Overview of the “Pleasures of the imaginary” exhibition, Yifeng Gallery, Shanghai

  • He Wei, Key, 2012


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Bottega Veneta explores the “Pleasures of the imaginary” in Shanghai

Bottega Veneta recently unveiled its latest thematic exhibition at the Yifeng Gallery, a unique space situated at the second floor of the brand’s store in Shanghai that aims to promote emerging Chinese artists. The exhibition is titled “Pleasures of the imaginary” and features the works of seven photographers and artists from across China, among them Zhang Wei, Cai Dongdong, Liu Lijie, He Wei and Zhang Bing. Each artist presents his unique interpretation of modern life and culture, using a variety of techniques in order to explore the limits of contemporary imagination and the relationship between the real and the fantastic.

“I’m delighted with the latest exhibition and hope our clients find it as inspiring, stimulating and enjoyable as the previous Yifeng Galleria shows,” says Tomas Maier, Bottega Veneta’s Creative Director. “Bottega Veneta has a long history of engaging with artists and photographers in bold, innovative ways, and what we’ve done here has united the underlying philosophies of the brand in what I think is a unique way. Photography is one of my passions, so I’m particularly pleased with how well these exhibitions have been received by everyone who has visited.” “Pleasures of the imaginary” will be on view at the Yifeng Gallery on The Bund in Shanghai until September, 2014.