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  • Caterina Gatta f/w 2014-15 collection

  • Caterina Gatta f/w 2014-15 collection

  • Artwork by Sofia Cacciapaglia


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Caterina Gatta dedicates her f/w 2014-15 collection to artist Sofia Cacciapaglia

Caterina Gatta is a young fashion designer from Italy who became famous for reutilizing vintage fabrics of renowned designers such as Gianni Versace, Yves Saint Laurent, Fausto Sarli, Pierre Cardin, Lancetti, Irene Galitzine, Clara Centinaro, André Laug or Valentino, in order to fashion new clothes. The original idea came out of her need to find inspiration in the past and rediscover, through colors, patterns and prints, the typical Italian creativity. For her f/w 2014-15, the Rome-based designer left aside for the first time her vintage obsession in order to create an entire collection cut from fabrics that she designed in collaboration with Italian artist Sofia Cacciapaglia. Gatta embraced the figurative surrealism of Cacciapaglia and transformed her carnal flowers, suspended feminine figures, floating fishes and fluffy clouds into a series of inspiring prints. In order to remain faithful to the sinuous forms and soft lines of the Italian artist, Gatta used mainly soft silk. “I wanted to create something that was totally mine. I had no intention of simply transferring the painting to the dress; I wanted to subvert it” Gatta said to Italian Vogue. “Each single garment is made of 4 layers, so to make a simple pair of shorts I need about 4 meters of pure silk, a compulsory choice material to maintain the item’s structure despite the use of layers.”

Sofia Cacciapaglia also couldn’t hide her enthusiasm about their collaboration: “I think the world is changing faster and faster, both in art and fashion; we do live in the era of contaminations and I am glad to observe how my work can become an inspiration for a fashion collection. In this way, my visual art becomes available on several levels and to different people, as told by the fairy and surreal world of Caterina Gatta.” Caterina Gatta’s f/w 2014-15 collection is the perfect example that when art meets fashion, great things can happen. After all, and paraphrasing Sofia Cacciapaglia, fashion, just like art, opens a window on your own world!