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  • Gucci scarf by CJ Hendry

  • Chanel shopping bag by CJ Hendry

  • Louis Vuitton shopping bag by CJ Hendry


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CJ Hendry’s hyper-realistic take on fashion

CJ Hendry is a Brisbane-based artist that has become famous for her large format, ink pen drawings of fashion-related subjects like Chanel shopping bags, Gucci shoes or Hermès scarves. A former architecture student, CJ Hendry dropped out college in order to dedicate herself full-time to art, combining her love for drawing with her fascination with designer fashion and pop culture. Her hyper realistic artworks pay homage to the artistry and fine craftsmanship hidden behind luxury products and have gained her thousands of fans in Instagram, which serves as her virtual gallery. Her admirers literally go crazy for her work, buying her drawings just some minutes after they get uploaded in her account and even making her cancel her first solo show because she had practically sold every single piece.

Hendry follows a time-consuming technique and employs more than 200 hours of work on each piece she creates. First she takes multiple photos of her subjects in different positions, experimenting with the light, and, after choosing the one that reflects the best the “perfect nature of the luxury item”, she prints it in black and white and creates a grid on a large sheet of Arches paper. Then, she meticulously copies every single detail of the chosen object with the use of black Uni Pin fine-line pens. It’s a complex process that leaves no space for error, with every piece requiring more than two weeks of dedication, but, judging by the amazing results, it’s certainly worth it. With social media raving about her work, inquiries coming from all over the world and Kanye West among her collectors, the future definitely looks promising for this young artist!