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  • © Ning Wang

  • © Ning Wang

  • © Ning Wang


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Discover the artsy prints of Ning Wang

Ning Wang is a talented young designer who studied fashion in Beijing before moving to Glasgow to obtain a Master’s degree in fashion and textile design. Her bold patterned designs are influenced by surrealism, graphic novels, pop culture and the energy of hip hop. Illustration plays also an important part in her work, since all the prints she uses come from her original drawings. With Pharrell Williams as her ideal customer, Ning defies the limits between streetwear, sportswear, high fashion and clubwear, using in her collections rich silks, oversized silhouettes and an ultra-saturated color palette that have become her trademark.

Ning’s collections begin with a mood board, with cut-outs from magazines and books, fabric swatches and illustrations that serve as her inspiration. The next step, as Ning revealed to Pause magazine, is the creation of the prints: “I start to develop prints for the new collection which are then followed by drawings. I aim to capture the essence of the narrative through these ink drawings. The initial drawings are further developed into various patterns which combine the hand drawn elements with illustration software. By combining these techniques, it allows me to explore scale and placement, containing and mirroring the narrative within each patterned piece.” Ning recently presented her latest collection as part of the Glasgow School of Art Degree Show, obtaining enthusiastic reviews. Among her future plans are the creation of her own clothing brand, in collaboration with her partner and illustrator Zhang Liang, and the development of a series of textiles for an entirely new collection.