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  • Fiona O’ Neill’s Central St. Martins graduate collection

  • Fiona O’ Neill’s Central St. Martins graduate collection

  • Fiona O’ Neill’s Central St. Martins graduate collection


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Fiona O’ Neill transforms fashion into walking art

Hand-painted, canvas-like materials are transformed into pieces of walking art in the hands of Fiona O’ Neill, a Central St. Martins fashion student that recently presented her graduate collection at the institution’s 2014 BA fashion show. The six-piece collection was inspired by traditional Japanese dresses and impressed critics and fans alike with its bold looks and surreal vibe. “My inspiration for this collection was women painting women, mainly derived from the artist Kate Blacker and her geisha series of painted women,” said O’Neill at the show. “A lot of the patterns for this collection are large free-hand drawings that I materialized and manipulated,” she added.

Pastel colors, asymmetric sleeves, altered proportions and silhouettes that were warped to distort the body shape at the shoulders and hips, emphasized by black painted lines that covered the edges of the pieces when viewed from the front, were among the main characteristics of the collection. O’Neill used elasticated fabrics with canvas-like materials that absorbed the paint while still allowing freedom for movement. “I wanted to create the idea of a stiff cut-out, but obviously the girls needed to be able to walk comfortably,” stated the young designer who definitely has a bright future ahead of her.