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  • Selfridges Fragrance Lab

  • Selfridges Fragrance Lab

  • Selfridges Fragrance Lab


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Fragrance Lab installation at Selfridges distills your personality into a bottle

Selfridges invite us to Fragrance Lab, an installation at its flagship central London store conceived as an “immersive journey into the outer reaches of scent”. Fragrance Lab gathers an in-depth understanding of one’s character and perfume preferences and leads to a 50ml bottle of his signature smell. The installation, which was created by London-based design studio Campaign and trend forecasting consultancy The Future Laboratory, offers a multi-sensorial, interactive experience that starts with an iPad questionnaire asking users to select images and statements that best reflect their tastes and habits. Then, the customers are provided with a set of headphones and an audio guide that accompanies them during their journey through a number of rooms, designed to heighten their senses. There they are encouraged to interact with various items, including a chest of drawers hiding a variety of pleasant and unpleasant scents that evoke different olfactory memories, and to make visual and aromatic choices.

At the end of the journey, the customers are provided with the fragrance that bests matches their persona, chosen among dozens of possible perfume combinations created by renowned perfumers Givaudan, along with their personality profile. The choice of scent depends on the customer’s decisions before and after the journey, making it the ultimate bespoke experience. Fragrance Lab forms part of Selfridges’ Beauty Project, which includes more than 100 talks and workshops, and will be available at its London store until June 12. Tickets are £65 and include a 50ml bottle of the customer’s signature scent.