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  • Gareth Pugh’s “Monolith” virtual reality installation

  • Gareth Pugh’s “Monolith” virtual reality installation

  • Gareth Pugh’s “Monolith” virtual reality installation


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Gareth Pugh’s “Monolith” virtual reality installation

In celebration of the first appearance of the avant-garde British designer Gareth Pugh on the London Collection: Men’s schedule, Selfridges teamed up with Inition, a pioneering creative 3D technology company based in Shoreditch, for a virtual reality installation at their flagship Oxford Street store. The two minute installation is called Monolith and offers a unique journey inside the ideas and creativity behind Pugh’s latest menswear collection. Described as part futuristic fashion film, part art installation and part fairground ride, it contains a variety of impacting images, among them dreamy cityscapes, undulating walls, ghostly figures and triangular shapes. “The inspiration for this piece really came from the desire to create a totally immersive experience. I’ve always believed in the importance of fashion film and new technology as a means of communication, but the team at Inition were able to propose a new and exciting way for us to approach this project. It’s an exciting opportunity to re-imagine my aesthetic in a totally new context.” said Gareth Pugh.

With Matthew Stone providing the industrial soundtrack, Monolith is a full sensorial experience. “The title, Monolith, is the perfect description for this piece: something singular and imposing, and in some way otherworldly. I imagine that each person will view it differently, but I would hope that it’s something memorable and engaging. Ultimately the installation requires a little commitment, you need to step into that world – from the padded sound proofed booth to the angular head piece required to view the installation… they’re all considered parts of this unique experience.” continues Pugh. Considered by many as a visual rollercoaster that stays in one’s memory for a long time, Monolith has had an amazing response from the public. The ground breaking installation is part of “The Festival of Imagination”, an ongoing Selfridges initiative that pays homage to the innovators, creatives and architects of the future who capture the world’s imagination across the fields of fashion, art, technology and design.