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  •  Hollywood Lawn performance by Robert Montgomery © Opus Reps

  •  Hollywood Lawn performance by Robert Montgomery © Opus Reps

  •  Hollywood Lawn performance by Robert Montgomery © Opus Reps

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Hollywood Lawn fire poem performance by Robert Montgomery for Flaunt magazine

Robert Montgomery, the British artist who is famous for his poetic billboard pieces and recycled sunlight poems, recently presented his Hollywood Lawn poem performance during Art Basel Miami. Hollywood Lawn was part of “Affordable care”, a group show that took place at Mana Wynwood in the Miami Art District from December 4th-7th and was organized by Flaunt Magazine and Wildfox, in association with 3P Productions. During the performance Robert set fire to a wood construction that featured the following poem: “The flood will lift the ghosts from the Hollywood lawn cemetery and they will disappear like ether in the new dead air”. Montgomery’s performance managed to awe the art crowd with its evocative elegance and ever growing intensity, in a hypnotic celebration of passion and drama.

It’s not the first time that the artist challenges our perception of reality with his artistic hybrids that combine the immediateness of a billboard advertisement and the emotional charge of existential poetry. Hollywood Lawn performance was captured by the lenses of the New York based Hunter & Gatti creative duo, who also participated in the “Affordable care” exhibition with a selection of their acrylic paintings over photograph canvases, including editorials for Flaunt, featuring actress Ziyi Zhang, and Vogue. Hunter & Gatti’s photos of Robert Montgomery’s performance will be featured at the cover of Flaunt Magazine’s forthcoming art issue, The Care Issue: Mixed Feelings (#132).

The “Affordable care” exhibition, according to Flaunt, explored the contradiction and malleability of these two subjective words-“affordability” and “care”-a pairing which, in a time of digital missives, healthcare glitches and artistic free-for-all is ever topical. Apart from Robet Montgomery´s performance, the exhibition also included works by Ben Jones, Melanie Pullen, David LaChapelle, Robert Montgomery, Petra Cortright, Vance Lorenzini, Yung Jake, Jeanette Hayes, Gia Trimble, Manny Prieres and Greg Lotus, with a special pavilion presented by Opus Reps, which featured work from Mary Ellen Mark, Bert Stern, Hunter & Gatti and Paul Solomons. Robert Montogomery’s performance was followed by a private after party, with a live show by Darkside (Nicolas Jaar and Dave Harrington). Eagerly waiting for Hunter & Gatti´s pictures of Hollywood Lawn performance for Flaunt magazine, we leave you with a series of photos by Opus Reps that capture the feeling of this magic night.