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  • Isabel and Ruben Toledo for MAC

  • Isabel and Ruben Toledo for MAC

  • Isabel and Ruben Toledo for MAC


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Isabel and Ruben Toledo join forces with MAC for a limited edition makeup collection

Fashion designer Isabel Toledo, who rose to fame after designing Michelle Obama’s 2009 presidential inauguration dress, and her husband Ruben Toledo, a well-known illustrator and long-time collaborator of the Louis Vuitton City Guides, have teamed up with MAC for a limited edition 45-piece makeup collection that merges fashion and art in the most inspiring way. The collection features tropical-inspired blushes, vibrant eyeliners and mascaras, and an impressive collection of lipsticks and glosses in varying shades of red. Isabel chose the striking color palette while Ruben created the amazing illustrations that decorate the black and white packaging, featuring a series of big-eyed faces with pursed red lips.

“Isabel can define the whole world in red, but different reds—different intensities of red. She really has her vocabulary of reds down,” said Ruben, whose designs were inspired by his wife’s favorite shade. “I see Ruben’s watercolor paintings, and I wanted the freedom to do that on my face. I wanted to all of a sudden do my eyelashes in yellow or green with a matching eyeliner, something that’s not natural. It’s like having the ability to paint. And I mean, if you think about it, women paint every day standing in front of the mirror,” added Isabel. The MAC x Toledos collection is already available online and is expected to hit the stores on February 5, making it the perfect gift for Valentine’s day.