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  • Spirit collection by YVY

  • Spirit collection by YVY

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YVY launches a new collection of hand-crafted accessories, titled Spirit

HG Issue collaborator Yvonne Reichmuth, the designer behind the fashion brand YVY, got inspired by the diverse connotations of “spirit” for a new collection of hand-crafted leather accessories that pays tribute to the transformative power of our existence. The Spirit collection is entirely handmade out of Italian, vegetable-tanned leather, combining detailed tracery and lacing with skillfully developed cuts. Reichmuth’s search for the origins of life brought her in touch with the work of Ernst Haeckel (1834 – 1919), the famous biologist, naturalist, philosopher and artist that described and named thousands of unknown species. More specifically, the designer got fascinated by one of the earliest known groups of arthropods, the Trilobites, as featured in Haeckel’s book “Art forms in nature”. This early life form, in combination with Reichmuth’s philosophical concerns, is the main influence behind the organic shapes of the Spirit collection.

“While refining my leather skills in Florence, I lived in the quarter of Santo Spirito and I started wondering what that “spirit” is all about. Its meaning could never be fully grasped, as it has endless interpretations, dimensions and origins. But in the end it’s “spiritus = breath” that gives life to everything,” explains the designer. The result is an awe-inspiring line of feminine but edgy accessories that blend artisan craftsmanship and experimental design, all in the right spirit! With the distinctive power to transform a simple dress into a unique look, Reichmuth’s pieces are a definite must-have.