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  • Desire Obtain Cherish, Designer Drugs – Chanel

  • Desire Obtain Cherish, Designer Drugs Single Serving

  • Desire Obtain Cherish, Designer Drugs – LV

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Jonathan Paul’s ironic take on fashion, fame and consumerism

Californian artist Jonathan Paul, also known as Desire Obtain Cherish, has managed to create a visually attractive and pleasing language, in the form of an ironic “packaging” that fits within the pre-established concepts of good taste and luxury, but which nonetheless hides behind it a critique to our society and to the less comforting reality of existing stereotypes.

His work is vibrant, sarcastic and provocative, constantly breaking down artistic stereotypes. It approximates on many occasions the language of marketing and advertising, playing with the idea of the artistic appropriation and the aesthetics of pop art and even street art.

Satirical messages criticizing the contemporary obsession with sex, fame, drugs and commerce, converted into objects of desire, wrapped in the indulgent and luxurious image of brands like Hermés, Chanel, Louis Vuitton or Tom Ford…

The Gucci pills, the Cartier blood transfusion bags, impeccably produced objects associated with happiness, status, but also with dependence, reminding us of today’s society obsession with consumerism.

We leave you with a selection of his works, among them the resin casted maxi pills of Saint Laurent, Chanel, Hermés and Louis Vuitton or the gold and nickel plated transfusion bags of Prada, Cartier or Manolo Blahnik.