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  • Jonathan Zawada, “Maxwell’s Demon”, 2010, Pencil on Paper, 60 x 80cm (23 x 31″) (unframed)

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Jonathan Zawada for LoveLiv 2014 online charity auction

HG Issue’s collaborator Jonathan Zawada, who many may remember from his Twisted Players series that were featured in our James Goldstein special, recently donated one of his original drawings for the LoveLiv 2014 charity auction that aims to raise funds for research on Nemaline Myopathy, a rare neuromuscular disease. Zawada’s drawing is titled “Maxwell’s Demon” and its corresponding auction, which offers to the general public the rare opportunity to purchase an original Zawada’s artwork outside of an exhibition, ends on May 8, 2014 (for more information, please check https://secure.giftogo.com/e/loveliv-2014/items/403).

LoveLiv is a fundraiser initiative that started one year ago by Liv’s parents, a 2-year old little girl with Nemaline Myopathy from Califronia, to benefit A Foundation Building Strength, whose mission is to find treatments for Nemaline Myopathy. Nemaline Myopathy is a group of congenital, hereditary neuromuscular disorders that cause muscle weakness, generally non-progressive, with severe forms showing up to 66% mortality rates before the age of two. It is considered one of the most severe muscle conditions of childhood. Currently no treatments or disease modifying therapies exist for Nemaline Myopathy and few potential candidate drugs have been identified. People with Nemaline Myopathy usually experience delayed motor development and weakness in the arm, leg, trunk, throat, and face muscles. Respiratory problems are also a primary concern for people with all forms of Nemaline Myopathy, and although in some severe cases they may threaten life expectancy, aggressive and proactive care allows most individuals to survive and lead active lives.

To accomplish its mission, the Foundation awards grants to scientists to fund their research. Some of the top scientists in the world studying Nemaline Myopathy, such as Alan Beggs at Harvard University, serve on the Foundation’s scientific advisory board to assist in the selection of these research projects. Apart from the online auction, A Foundation Building Strength’s LoveLiv initiative also holds a family event, accompanied by a silent auction, on May 18, 2014 at the Star Eco Station, Culver City, California. Activities include tours of the Eco Station animals, arts & crafts, live music and much more, so if you are around California, you definitely shouldn’t miss it!

For more information, please visit http://loveliv.org/