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  • “A dozen girls” by Juergen Teller for Louis Vuitton

  • “A dozen girls” by Juergen Teller for Louis Vuitton

  • “A dozen girls” by Juergen Teller for Louis Vuitton


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  1. John Mantel says:

    I’m surprised to see Juergen shooting on white seamless, that’s not like him.

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Juergen Teller shoots “A dozen girls” for Louis Vuitton

Juergen Teller was asked to depict the essence of Nicholas Ghesquière’s first collection for Louis Vuitton, illustrating Ghesquière’s respect for the brand’s “inspiring history that looks to the future” and his own “quest for authenticity and innovation”. The celebrated photographer visited the Louis Vuitton headquarters in Paris and the result of this encounter was a series of photos, titled “A dozen girls”, which depict 12 key looks of the collection as worn by Milou van Groesen, Marte van Haaster, Daphne Velghe, Julia Hafstrom, Linn Arvidsson, Kirstin Liljegren, Mica Arganaraz, Maggie Rizer and Liya Kebede. Teller managed to capture with his raw style, which stands somewhere between the personal and the commercial, Ghesquière’s quest for timelessness and innovation, proving once more why he is considered as one of the top photographers of his generation.

Juergen Teller’s photographs celebrate in the best way the arrival of the former Balenciaga designer, after the departure of Marc Jacobs, to Louis Vuitton and mark the beginning of a new age of luxury for the iconic house. After all, Ghesquière’s task was not easy, since he opted to cleverly mix his signature futurist aesthetic with Vuitton’s emphasis on tradition and fine craftsmanship and to put the focus on the clothes instead of the elaborate sets favored by Marc Jacobs. His debut collection, a chic contrast of leather and high-tech materials, left everyone impressed with its inventiveness and timeless elegance. “He’s a genius,” said Delphine Arnault, the executive vice president at Louis Vuitton, after the show. “So amazing.” And we couldn’t agree more with her!