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  • Linder Sterling x “Archi Dior” jewelry collection

  • Linder Sterling x “Archi Dior” jewelry collection

  • Linder Sterling x “Archi Dior” jewelry collection


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Linder Sterling’s artistic take on “Archi Dior” jewelry collection

Dior has teamed up with multi-media British artist Linder Sterling, famous for her late 70’s feminist collages and her contribution to the Manchester punk scene, for a series of elaborate collages that reinterpret its latest collection of jewels, titled “Archi Dior”. The “Archi Dior” collection was conceived by Victoire de Castellane, creative director of Dior Jewellery, and comprises 23 one-of-a-kind creations that pay homage to the fashion house’s iconic haute couture creations, with jewels imitating the folds and pleats of the fabrics. Linder Sterling worked closely with Victoire de Castellane for more than two months on different combinations of archive photographs and cut-outs before deciding on ten final collages. “Photographs of jewellery would arrive from Paris and days later I’d send Victoire new works,” explained Sterling. “We worked almost telepathically, each of us anxious not to influence the other.”

Sterling’s collages cast a new light on the “Archi Dior” collection, juxtaposing original 1940’s images of Dior haute couture pieces with de Castellane’s jewels that are inspired by the draping and structured shapes of Dior’s creations. Opening an ongoing creative dialogue with the fashion house’s rich archive, both Sterling and de Castellane combine tradition, artistic inspiration and avant-garde design in the most exciting way. “I find there’s something very dreamlike about the Dior series,” Sterling told The Telegraph. “I play with scale and proportion, so that a brooch subsumes a face. The collages play with our expectations of beauty and form and also with time. Victoire de Castellane and I are making work in the 21st century based on a future envisioned by Christian Dior in the mid-20th century.”