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  • https://soundcloud.com/banana_harm/sets/penetrating-squid, 2015, UV print on holographic paper mounted on aluminium, 96.8 x 68.8 cm

  • Installation view

  • Liquid Consonant, 2012, HD video, 60” loop


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“Liquid Liquid” exhibition by Anna Barham at Nordenhake Galerie, Stockholm

Anna Barham recently presented her second solo exhibition at Nordenhake Galerie, Stockholm, comprising two video works and a series of holographic prints that explore the relationship between the “fleshiness” of the physical world and the ethereal nature of meaning. Opening a dialogue between the analogue and the digital, the exhibition examines the physical aspects of language and the way sounds are produced in order to express a certain meaning.

In “Liquid Consonant” video (2012), Barham pays homage to Plato’s Cratylus, the Socratic dialogue that questions the origin of the words and what they signify. A digitally animated head that rotates around itself pronounces sounds instead of words, raising questions about the possible correspondence between these sounds and a particular meaning. In Double Screen (not quite tonight jellylike) (2013), a 2-channel video that features a sequence of images which slide from one screen to another as they are repeatedly edited to a voiceover, Braham uses a text that describes the cleaning of a squid, a metaphor for transformation, and a sequence of images that depict different variations of holographic printing in order to track the interaction between sounds and words within a constantly changing script.

Apart from the two video works, there is also on view a series of UV prints on holographic paper that were made on the same large format printer that appears in Double Screen. The prints depict images of a fossilized squid, various close ups of squid skin, a giant comma, a cloud of squid ink in water, a Superconducting Quantum Interference Device and a QR code which links to a SoundCloud page. Serving as a link between the two videos, the UV prints explore the use of the holographic paper as an animated material that is under a continuous transformation, depending on the position of the viewer.

“Liquid Liquid” will remain on view at Nordenhake Galerie, Hudiksvallsgatan 8, SE-113 30, Stockholm, until February 21, 2015.