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  • Replica fragrances

  • Beach walk. ©Arnaud Lajeunie

  • Funfair Evening. ©Jeanne Damas & Ludovic Zuili


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Maison Martin Margiela launches Replica exhibition and interactive tumblr

There is no doubt that olfactory memory is of great importance, from its role in the establishment of the mother-infant bond to the way in which we associate, often unconsciously, certain odors with specific moments of our lives. A scent can bring on a flood of memories, in can affect one’s mood and generate powerful responses. Having all these in mind, Maison Martin Margiela asked various photographers, writers and artists to pay homage to a series of olfactory memories that are directly related to the titles of three new fragrances that were recently added in the Replica collection. The Replica perfumes, originally launched in 2012, are a reproduction of familiar scents and moments of varying locations and periods, with an outer packaging featuring a color photograph linked to the scent’s theme. At the same time, they are a continuation of Margiela’s Replica clothing line, a seasonal collection based on duplicating garments originally found in flea markets.

With names like Lazy Sunday Morning, Promenade in the Gardens and Jazz Club, the fragrances allude to a variety of sensations and memories that are reinterpreted in imaginative ways by the artists, among them Jeanne Damas, Jay One, Marina Fois, Garance Doré, Fabien Constant, Michel Gaubert or Jerry Buttles. The photos were recently shown at the “Smells like memories” exhibition that was inaugurated on November 6 at the Galerie Jousse Entreprise in Paris. In fact, the show has been extended to a virtual exhibition that anyone can contribute to using the #smellslikememories hashtag on Instagram or visiting directly Margiela’s tumblr (http://replicafragrances.tumblr.com). As Maison Martin Margiela points out, this is the beginning of an evolving and collective olfactory memory.