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  • Dustin Yellin and Misha Nonoo at Dustin Yellin’s studio. Photo by Shanita Sims for The Cut magazine

  • Misha Nonoo s/s 2015, in collaboration with Dustin Yellin. Photo by Tylor Hou, featuring Pari Ehsan

  • Misha Nonoo s/s 2015, in colaboration with Dustin Yellin. Photo by Tylor Hou, featuring Pari Ehsan


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Misha Nonoo collaborates with artist Dustin Yellin for her s/s 2015 collection

Misha Nonoo and artist Dustin Yellin have collaborated for a series of custom prints that were featured in Nonoo’s s/s 2015 collection, inspired by Yellin’s three-dimensional, life size glass sculptures made out from magazine cutouts, flowers, leaves, bugs and things found on the street. Although contemporary art has been a consistent source of inspiration for Misha Nonoo, this is the first time that she works hand-by-hand with an artist, creating the prints and selecting together the right fabrics. The designs were presented some days ago during New York Fashion Week, with Yellin making a cameo appearance at the catwalk that literally stole the spotlight, wearing a purple dress, mismatched socks and white heels.

Misha Nonoo, who is familiar with the art world as she is married to Alexander Gilkes, the cofounder of online auction house Paddle8, met artist Dustin Yellin three years ago and she was really impressed by his creations. “I was immediately drawn to his work and unique perspective as well as the femininity represented in his three-dimensional glass collage series,” the designer told The Cut. “Working within another artistic medium has been a deeply academic study and formidable journey that encouraged me to articulate my own work precisely,” she added. We leave you with the amazing designs that redefine, as Misha Nonoo states, traditional silhouettes through the lens of contemporary art and culture, hoping to hear more from both in the near future.