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  • Miss Dior exhibition poster

  • Don’t touch me tomatoes & chachacha, by Lara Baladi

  • Cella, by Lee Bull

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Miss Dior exhibition at Grand Palais, Paris

Back in 1947, Christian Dior marked a new era in fashion. His very first collection, with its groundbreaking silhouettes and the abundant use of luxury fabrics, set the rules for a post-war elegance. The show had such an impact that went down to fashion history as “The New Look”, after Harper’s Bazaar Carmel Snow’s exclamation “It’s such a Revolution. It’s a New Look!” Dior added the finishing touch to his show with a perfume he had specially created to accompany the collection. Miss Dior, the first Couture perfume ever, embodied the pioneering spirit of its creator and echoed the codes of the House. For Miss Dior, its creator conceived a novel signature based on green cypress notes that stood apart from the powdered perfumes of the day. Just as Dior’s authoritative Bar jacket reinvented the female silhouette in his first collection, his fragrance revolutionized perfumery. Liz Taylor, Ingrid Bergman, Grace Kelly, Lauren Bacall and Sophia Lauren are amongst the stars that made up the legend of Miss Dior, with Natalie Portman being the current ambassador of the iconic fragrance.

Grand Palais pays homage to Miss Dior’s legacy with the “Miss Dior – Esprit Dior” exhibition, on show between 13 and 25 of November in Paris. Fifteen female artists from various artistic backgrounds, including Shirin Neshat, Lee Bul, Joana Vasconcelos, Polly Apfelbaum and Carole Benzaken, have been invited to freely interpret the signature codes of Miss Dior. These artists pay tribute not only to one of the greatest couturiers of all time, but also to the subversive spirit of a perfume that has earned its place in history. The works range from paintings and sculptures to videos and large scale installations, offering a wide and diverse take on Mss Dior’s spirit. The exhibition also features artworks from artists who inspired Dior, from Salvador Dalí and Pablo Picasso to Alberto Giacometti, echoing the years when he owned an art gallery in Paris (1928-1934). Moreover, it includes a unique collection of rare photos, historical documents and a selection of outfits, ranging from representative couture pieces to Raf Simon’s dresses for Natalie Portman. There is no doubt that Paris is completely taken by the magic of Miss Dior!