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  • Toilet Paper x MSGM capsule collection

  • Toilet Paper x MSGM capsule collection

  • Toilet Paper x MSGM capsule collection


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MSGM and Toilet Paper magazine come together for a new capsule collection

Massimo Giorgetti, MSGM’s creative director, collaborates for the second time with Toilet Paper, the artsy magazine of Maurizio Cattelan and Pierpaolo Ferrari, on a new, high-energy collection of sweatshirts, T-shirts, shirts, shorts and swimwear. The collection is an inspired blend of Giorgetti’s colorful universe and Toiler Paper’s surrealist iconography, with irreverent prints that range from bright humanoid flowers and exotic birds to cheerful picnic tablecloth motifs. The idea behind the collection was to inspire an ironically nostalgic vibe, a kind of Rob Reine’s movie “Stand by Me” meets Jonathan Franzen’s book “Freedom”.

“Designing this new collection was really funny,” said Massimo Giorgetti to style.com. “I met Pierpaolo Ferrari and Maurizio Cattelan in their studio and we started looking at the latest issues of the magazine [Toilet Paper] at aperitivo time,” a process that was followed by numerous skype meetings and more than a couple of beers. “In my mind, I don’t have any particular person wearing this collection—I’d just like to see these clothes on people with an attitude of freedom, fun, and smile,” continues Giorgetti. “During free time with a pair of jeans, for evening with a brocade skirt, for a beautiful day at the beach or lake… They are ‘free’ clothes and should make you feel ‘free.’” Toilet Paper x MSGM capsule collection will be available on shop.msgm.it and other select retailers from December, 2014.