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  • Perfume Architecture, CDG2

  • Perfume Architecture, CDG2

  • Perfume Architecture, Amazingreen


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Perfume Architecture by Comme des Garçons

In a perfect combination of art, design and fashion, Comme des Garçons recently launched a limited edition series of their classic Wonderwood, CDG2 and Amazingreen perfumes, presented in an original package that defies all limits. The series is called Perfume Architecture and is the fruit of a unique collaboration between carpenter Frederic Couderc, who has constructed various installations and pop-up stores for the brand, and artist Lindy Foss-Quillet, who coordinated the color choices and added the finishing touches to the different materials used. The result is an edgy industrial makeover with the perfume bottles appearing as if they were in the midst of a crime scene or in an under-construction building. It´s a bold exercise in style, where modular constructions are transformed into a piece of art and perfumes become the finest example of refined luxury, very according to Lindy Foss-Quillet´s interest in finding a balance between the emotional and technical aspects of her work.

Lindy Foss-Quillet and Frederic Couderc explain their quest for new dimensional concepts around the Comme des Garçons classics: “We both love the original pebble stone shape of the perfume bottle and we didn’t want to cover it or hide it or re-design it. So we thought: Let’s make a casing in which you can see the perfume bottle but it’s trapped in some kind of scaffolding. We wanted to do something a bit spectacular and make a strong but simple visual impact. The idea was to create a contrast between a beautifully designed high-end product like CDG 2, Wonderwood or Amazing Green and an industrial-looking architectural structure made with everyday materials like plastic, metal and bolts.” Perfume Architecture is available in Comme des Garçons shops and selected stores all over the world.