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  • Peter Saville © Wolfgang Stahr

  • Lacoste by Peter Saville

  • Lacoste by Peter Saville


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Peter Saville’s playful take on the iconic Lacoste logo

Lacoste celebrates its 80 years in fashion with a limited edition series of polo shirts, designed by legendary creative director and graphic designer Peter Saville. Saville, who is famous for his Factory Records sleeves and his collaborations with designers of the likes of Jil Sander, John Galliano or Yohji Yamamoto, was asked to reinterpret the brand’s famous crocodile logo and was given absolute creative freedom. The designer kept to the original white polo with the green logo but opted for a playful and minimalistic take on the brand’s trademark reptile that was transformed into a series of bold variations of its original shape. Sometimes looking like a blur, a scribble figure or a doodle, other times like a series of lines that define its presence in an abstract way, Lacoste’s crocodile looks sharper than ever. “They still look like Lacoste shirts even if they don’t have a crocodile on them,” said Saville to WWD, admitting that he wasn’t sure if the brand’s executives would be in fond of his transformation of the brand’s identity since it challenges all rules of brand culture. “It’s about requisitioning the mainstream to translate an idea that is not about selling.” he added.

Saville for Lacoste collaboration includes two collections, the Holiday Collector series, a wider release with eight different logos, and a limited edition release of 80 polos for men and 80 for women that feature a unique logo and a certificate of authenticity, available at selected concept stores around the globe. Saville, who additionally created a special edition of Lacoste’s logo for its anniversary, proves once more that tradition and innovation go hand by hand and that great design always has a way to transcend all limits.