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  • “Post Pop: East Meets West” exhibition at the Saatchi gallery, London

  • “Post Pop: East Meets West” exhibition at the Saatchi gallery, London

  • “Post Pop: East Meets West” exhibition at the Saatchi gallery, London


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“Post Pop: East Meets West” at Saatchi gallery, London

A new exhibition at the Saatchi gallery in London explores the influence of western Pop Art on its eastern counterparts, among them the 1970’s “Sots Art” movement in the Soviet Union and the contemporary “Political-Pop” or “Cynical Realism” movement in Greater China. With more than 250 works by 110 artists, “Post Pop: East Meets West” pays homage to Pop Art’s legacy and examines its influence on artists from different regions and with sometimes rival ideologies. While American and British artists used pop culture references in order to criticize the society’s obsession with mass consumerism and technology, artists in the Soviet Union and in Greater China appropriated propaganda images and text in order to oppose to the official aesthetic doctrine of the state. It was their own attempt, according to the curators, to “draw attention to state control, conformity, ceremony, pomp and the façade of unanimity amongst the people, or to comment on the social dislocation created by a new super power’s fascination with wealth and luxury following a period of extreme austerity”.

Co-curated by Andrey Erofeev, former head of the contemporary art department of the Tretyakov Gallery, Moscow; Marco Livingstone, an independent curator who has worked on numerous publications, retrospectives and Pop Art exhibitions; and Tsong-Zung Chang, a curator and guest professor of China Art Academy who co-founded the Asia Art Archive, the exhibition is divided into six different themes: Habitat, Advertising and Consumerism, Celebrity and Mass Media, Art History, Religion and Ideology, and Sex and the Body. “Post Pop: East Meets West” juxtaposes without prejudice works from different eras and regions, featuring artists of the likes of Jeff Koons, Gary Hume, Julian Opie, Jenny Holzer, Richard Prince, Ai Weiwei, Mei Dean-E, Feng Mengbo, AES+F, Vitaly Komar or Alexander Melamid, creating an irresistible visual experience. It’s a unique celebration of Pop Art as a universal language and a stable proof that its legacy is still alive. The exhibition will remain on view until February 23, 2015, at the Saatchi gallery, Duke of York’s HQ, King’s Road, London.