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  • Richard Butler “naturalhistory” © Freight + Gallery

  • Richard Butler “naturalhistory” © Freight + Gallery

  • Richard Butler “naturalhistory” © Freight + Gallery


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Richard Butler “naturalhistory” exhibit at Freight + Volume Gallery

Freight + Volume Gallery, in New York’s Chelsea section of Manhattan, held its opening reception March 19 for its latest exhibit, Richard Butler, “naturalhistory”. Richard Butler, most commonly known for his band the Psychedelic Furs, first studied art in England before becoming part of the successful rock group. When the band broke up in 1990, Butler took to the paintbrush once again and has remained painting even after the band reunited in 2001. One of his paintings is in fact the cover for his first solo album.

In “naturalhistory”, Butler presents a new collection of portrait paintings. In each piece of work in the exhibit, the face of the subject is somewhat disguised through the use of various shrouds of alteration. This forces the viewer to stop for a moment and try to gain a clear glance at the face staring back. The paintings delve deep into the psyche. Butler refers to the mysteries of the subject of these paintings, who happens to be his daughter Maggie, as “the void,” as he searches for the emotion and soul behind the facade. In exploring this “void,” Butler is presenting his own quest for the true portrait, and most importantly, perhaps his own.

This is Richard Butler’s third exhibit at Freight + Gallery. The exhibit runs through April 11. Freight + Volume, 530 West 24th Street, New York, NY 10011. 212-691-7700. freightandvolume.com