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  • “The accidental fold” by Saskia de Brauw

  • “The accidental fold” by Saskia de Brauw

  • “The accidental fold” by Saskia de Brauw


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Saskia de Brauw’s “The accidental fold” exhibition takes over Edinburgh

Supermodel and artist Saskia de Brauw brings her latest exhibition, “The accidental fold”, to the National Museum of Scotland, as part of the Edinburgh International Fashion Festival. Saskia, who during her ten year career has developed an impressive body of work that incorporates elements of photography and performance art as well as text and graphics, explores in “The accidental fold” the hidden beauty of found objects – things dropped or discarded, destined to decay and disappear. Ephemera from all corners of the world, among them scraps of paper, pieces of plastic, threads of hair, playing cards, feathers and orange peels, are rescued from their fate and are given new life.

The exhibition consists of 21 large scale prints, hung throughout the Sculpture Gallery of the National Museum of Scotland, that establish an interesting dialogue with the classical sculptures of the permanent collection. “The objects that I bring home have the shape of the ‘passing of time’. For example, a piece of folded paper bearing the shape of a pocket where it had been held for hours, then the traces of the hand that had wrinkled it minutes prior to discarding it. Finally, the folded piece of paper bearing the organic stamp of being trampled by hundreds of footsteps, flattening and folding its surface,” explains Saskia about her fixation with all the small details of everyday life that often pass unnoticed. Seen through an almost poetic perspective, the discarded ephemera are finally transformed into pieces of art.

“The accidental fold” will be on view in the Sculpture Gallery of the National Museum of Scotland until July 28, 2014. The exhibition forms part of the third edition of the Edinburgh International Fashion Festival (18-28 July, 2014), which includes a series of curated events in some of the most beautiful venues of the city and aims to bring together international luminaries and local heroes on the same platform.