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  • Underwater photography by Zena Holloway

  • Underwater photography by Zena Holloway

  • Underwater photography by Zena Holloway


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The breathtaking underwater photography of Zena Holloway

Zena Holloway is a self taught photographer and director that knows, like few others, how to capture the magic sensation of being immersed into an underwater universe. The dreamlike oeuvre of her photographs, as well as her natural talent for creating striking underwater compositions that seem to have been taken out of a fantasy world, have gained her international acclaim. Zena was born in Bahrain in 1973, she has lived in Egypt and in the Cayman Islands and she is currently residing in London. Her fascination for underwater photography started when she was 18 years old, while she was working as a scuba diving instructor, using a submarine camera that her mother gave her as a gift. Zena gradually learned the technical aspects of underwater photography, acquiring a deep understanding of her medium. “By 21 I had already taught Scuba for 3 years around the world and was certain that I wanted to follow in these footsteps. My photography grew out of a passion to create independently. At the start I was very keen to make short underwater films but photography proved an easier learning ground and much less expensive”, she recently said to Bak magazine.

Zena’s professional career started back in 1996, with her first advertising campaign for Fabergé. Since then, her photographs have been featured in magazines of the likes of Dazed & Confused, Schön, GQ or Tatler and among her clients we can find Nike, Sony, Speedo, George Jensen and Herbal Essences. Zena has revealed to SLR Lounge magazine that one of the great things about working solely underwater is that she can pull references from all sorts of sources, and once applied to an underwater environment the results take on their own direction. She is also inspired by the very moment of being between awake and asleep and also by the works of Tim Walker, Bruno Dayan and Sophie Delaport. As for the famous person that she would have liked the most to photograph underwater, this would have been Marilyn Monroe. We leave you with Zena’s favorite quote, which reflects the way she feels when she takes her photos: “If there is magic on this planet, it is contained in water”, Loren Eiseley, anthropologist and author of The Immense Journey.