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  • © David Marinos

  • © David Marinos

  • © David Marinos


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The digital collages of David Marinos

David Marinos is a Bulgaria-based Greek-Ukrainian artist who combines collage, photography and various digital techniques, among them glitch programs, scanners and 3D software, in order to create his intricate compositions that have earned him a name amongst the Tumblr generation. Re-contextualizing classic imagery by juxtaposing it with modern references, Marinos experiments with composition, color and movement, creating multiple layers and textures. Inspired by architecture, poetry, nature, the human body, the infinite of the cosmos and the endless possibilities of the future, he often distorts found images, as well as his own photographs, inventing a new visual vocabulary.

Marinos was born in 1998 and he has already lived in America, Greece and Bulgaria. From a very young age he showed a strong interest in the arts, studying photography, painting and digital design in Oregon. Having exhibited his work in California, USA; Athens, Greece; and Plovdiv, Bulgaria, Marinos is also the founder of Lucent Kids, a Tumblr collective that aims to bring together young bloggers, writers and artists with a unique vision on art and design. Defining itself as an “explosion of color in the galaxy”, the collective has more than 15 members, coming from Europe, Asia, Africa and Latin America.

Last, but not least, Marinos has also experimented with fashion. Some years ago he launched with the help of a friend his own clothing line under the name of Icey, creating special prints that are inspired by his artworks. “Art is power. In this sense, I try to give the viewer something that will influence his perception of life. I’m still trying to develop a certain message and vibrancy in my designs. I want my work to be infinite in the eyes of anything that moves,” Marinos said in a recent interview about his artistic practice, which has recently included painting and installation. Discover our selection of his amazing digital collages that have captivated us with their freshness and originality, and don’t forget to check out his full body of work here.