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  • Artwork by Iris Van Gelder

  • Artwork by Iris Van Gelder

  • Artwork by Iris Van Gelder


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The intricate fashion collages of Iris Van Gelder

Iris Van Gelder, a.k.a “fasttrash”, is a Rotterdam-based artist that has gained hundreds of fans with her hand-made collages that blend fashion magazine cutouts, vintage photos, advertising campaigns, jewels and exotic flora and fauna in the most intricate way. Forms and shapes are very important for Van Gelder, since they are the key elements of her distinctive vocabulary, a sort of puzzle pieces that the artist puts together in order to create her impressive compositions. Her elaborate collages open a gate to a fantasy world, paying homage to the awe-inspiring aesthetic of fashion and the way it transforms everything it touches.

Van Gelder has always been a big fashion enthusiast, constantly in search of the most hard-to-find vintage pieces, and, although one of her most cherished hobbies is street style photography, what she really loves is being a collage artist. “I love making collages. It’s a creative process that allows me to rethink existing images and create my own world with them,” says the young artist that has graduated from The Hague Royal Academy of Art (KABK). Check out her amazing artworks and get ready to dive into her playful, poptastic universe!