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  • “Dreams result in more dreams” by Daniele Buetti

  • “Dreams result in more dreams” by Daniele Buetti

  • “Dreams result in more dreams” by Daniele Buetti


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The perforated light box photographs of Daniele Buetti

Daniele Buetti is a Swiss artist who, during his impressive career, has experimented with a variety of artistic forms, from photography and drawing to video, sculpture and installation. His creations blend popular culture references, newspaper and magazine headlines, commercial fashion photography and a certain dose of existentialism, all with a remarkable sophistication and sensitivity. His most famous series to date is called “Dreams result in more dreams” and is a collection of perforated light box photographs, based on fashion and beauty magazine images. The enlarged photos are further adorned with speech bubbles that address psychological and philosophical issues such as “Is life really worth living?”, “Does it damage us psychologically when we destroy something we find beautiful?”, “Which role does desire play in art?” or “Is there a ‘true’ nature?”. By taking the photographs away from their original context, the artist speaks about the emotional relationship between appearance and reality and reveals the omnipotence of the media in our society, as well as the vulnerability of human nature.

Buetti uses light to magnetize the viewer in the same way that the mass media use beauty. “Light, no doubt, is the most seductive and the most magical of all the media. Flashing, colorfully sparkling spots enthrall us like moths drawn to the light. This simple, indeed crude trick allows me to lead the observers very close to the work. To seduce, to bewitch them, in order then to, almost imperceptibly, confront them with sentences and questions, swirling as speech bubbles around the models,” explains the artist. Standing somewhere the kitsch and the surreal, his creations raise important existential questions about the relationship between the seducer and the seduced, the mass media and our personal identity, and challenge our perception of reality with their hypnotic allure and otherworldly beauty.