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  • Moncler Grenoble’s Winter Symphony

  • Moncler Grenoble’s Winter Symphony

  • Moncler Grenoble’s Winter Symphony


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The Winter Symphony of Moncler Grenoble takes over New York

Moncler Grenoble continues with its long tradition of mind-blowing presentations during New York Fashion Week, this time transforming the stage of Hammerstein Ballroom into an exceptional show that was standing somewhere between an artistic performance and a choir spectacle. Grenoble, Moncler’s premium line that is designed to impress both in the high mountains and during the everyday city life, couldn’t find a better way to showcase its f/w 2014-15 designs. The show was comprised of sixty men and women choristers dressed in black and white outfits that were standing on an impressive illuminated structure. Right in front of them, nine singers of the Pendulum Choir —the a cappella orchestra that was founded in Switzerland by André and Michel Décosterd back in 1999— were placed on hydraulic platforms, allowing their movements to be synchronized with their voices.

“By creating a body of sound, the choir expresses itself through lyrical sound and is combined with the movement of the artists’ bodies, harnessing the mechanisms used to play with the force of gravity. Traditional Alpine song is broken down and combined with electronic sounds to produce a thoroughly contemporary experience (…) The voices carry the mind at speed, the physical oscillations of the singers encourage profound silence of the kind that climbers only find at high altitude”, explain the organizers of the event. The hypnotic show, which was entitled “Winter Symphony”, successfully transmitted the very sensation of being on the top of a mountain and left the audience spellbound. Well done, Moncler Grenoble!