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  • Trussardi’s performative installation at Braidense National Library, Milan.

  • Trussardi’s performative installation at Braidense National Library, Milan.

  • Trussardi’s performative installation at Braidense National Library, Milan.


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Trussardi’s performative installation at Braidense National Library, Milan

This season Trussardi decided to offer an alternative to the traditional runway shows, staging its spring-summer 2016 menswear collection at one of Italy’s oldest and largest libraries, the iconic Braidense National Library in Milan. The library is located in the Palazzo di Brera, which dates from the 17th century, and is the home of an incredible collection of historical, literary, theological and legal publications. Gaia Trussardi, the brand’s creative director and granddaughter of Trussardi’s founder Dante Trussardi, gathered for the occasion more than twenty actors, dancers and models that took over the library’s main room, giving an amazing performance that consisted in reciting aloud verses from Shakespeare, Plato, Pirandello, Kant, Alessandro Manzoni and Voltaire. The performers, who recited in various languages, were followed by a mysterious man that was dressed in total black. “That is the dark soul, and represents ignorance, a lack of culture,” Gaia Trussardi told Style.com.

The performance was also accompanied by an amazing installation, with models placed inside enormous glass cubes. Bringing together literature and fashion, past and present, Gaia managed to impress the fashion crowd that wandered relaxed in the library’s rooms, getting immersed into a world of sensations. What a wonderful way to showcase an equally impressive collection that was based on contrasts: innovation and tradition, rough and soft, street edginess and effortless elegance. Gaia combined ecological materials like raffia with high-tech innovations like leather backed with a 3D-effect mesh or bonded with neoprene, in a calm palette of whites, grays and blues. “I was inspired by a family man–a father, an executive–perfectly dressed on an afternoon of a summer weekend while he relaxes in his study, surrounded by culture and work projects. Afterward he takes a break to clear his mind and enjoy a few outdoor activities,” Gaia Trussardi said after the show, insisting that fashion is also culture, not just product. “We always talk about lifestyle, but I actually wanted to give the experience of one, and not just an image,” she concluded.