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  • Victoire de Castellane’s “Precious objects” exhibition at Gagosian New York, photo by Arale

  • Victoire de Castellane’s “Precious objects” exhibition at Gagosian New York, photo by Arale

  • Victoire de Castellane’s “Precious objects” exhibition at Gagosian New York, photo by Arale


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Victoire de Castellane’s “Precious objects” exhibition at Gagosian New York

Victoire de Castellane, creative director of Dior Joaillerie and one of the most acclaimed jewelry designers worldwide, presents her very first exhibition in New York, titled “Precious objects”, at Gagosian gallery. “Precious objects” includes  highlights from the series “Animalvegetablemineral” (2013)  and “Fleurs d’excès” (2011). De Castellane’s uses a series of precious stones like brilliant-cut diamonds, sapphires, emeralds, rubies and opals, as well as pure gold and lacquer for the settings, in order to create a world of imagination and extravagance. Juxtaposing the real and the artificial, the minimal and the excessively baroque, de Castellane really manages to take us into another dimension. Her floral inspired creations are made of the language of the dreams, capable of combining the figurative and the abstract in a spectacular way. One could even say that they are some kind of precious treasure that has come out of a forgotten fairytale, with her series of jeweled serpents (which, according to the designer, are better viewed under the moonlight) and her “Fleurs d’excès” pieces (with quirky names like Acidae Lili Pervertus or Opiom Velourosa Purpra that allude to stories of women under the influence of hallucinatory drugs) being the perfect example.

In the “Animalvegetablemineral” series, the designer explores further the idea that jewelry and sculpture are two complementary things, integrating earrings, necklaces and rings into heavily contoured bases, sand-cast in solid silver, which have a sculptural value on their own. De Castellane has the extraordinary ability to create pieces that stand somewhere between wearable sculpture and haute joaillerie, in a way that has never been seen before. Her original use of color, with a palette ranging from shiny bubblegum pink to sparkling galactic indigo, her unique sense of shape and proportion, and, most of all, her exuberant imagination make her a truly exceptional jewelry designer. As for her inspirations, these include the vital force of the natural world and the synthetic wonders of Technicolor, the Brothers Grimm and Walt Disney, Hollywood screen idols and manga characters, the trash and fizz of pop culture and the darkest depths of the subconscious.

“Precious Objects” exhibition, which is on view at Gagosian New York until April 5, 2014, offers the perfect opportunity for all art lovers, collectors and gem aficionados out there to emerge into the alluring universe of the Paris-based designer and discover first-hand why she is considered to be one of the hottest names in jewelry design. We leave you with a series of exclusive photos, taken by our fellow photographer Arale, that capture the essence of the exhibition. Enjoy!