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  • Viktor & Rolf fall 2015 haute couture collection

  • Viktor & Rolf fall 2015 haute couture collection

  • Viktor & Rolf fall 2015 haute couture collection


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Viktor & Rolf blend art and fashion in their fall 2015 haute couture collection

Amsterdam-based designer duo Viktor & Rolf presented some days ago in Palais de Tokyo, Paris, their fall 2015 haute couture collection that impressed both fashion critics and art lovers with its bold imagination and supreme craftsmanship. The collection was described by many as the ultimate manifestation of wearable art, a tangible proof that art and fashion are much closer that many of us could ever imagine. Indeed, the amazing show was closer to an art performance than to a typical catwalk show: models walked inside a series of canvas-like dresses wrapped around their bodies, with deconstructed gilded frames used as embellishments on sleeves and collars.

The models gave the impression that they had just escaped from a surreal gallery robbery, wearing the paintings on display all over their bodies as if they were clothes. For the occasion, Viktor & Rolf’s designed a collection of impressive prints, combining fragments from classic Dutch Golden Age masterpieces with abstract splashes of color that meant to pay homage to Action Painting and artist Jackson Pollock. The prints were further juxtaposed with a series of minimal denim shirts and dresses, making an exciting contrast.

What’s more, during the fashion performance the designers had a key role, helping models to undress and hanging the canvas-like parts of their gowns to the wall as if they were modern installations. By the end of the show, an art gallery had emerged, with clothes transformed into artworks, closing the art-fashion-art cycle. Last February Viktor & Rolf took the decision to cease their prêt-a-porter division, just like Jean Paul Gaultier, in order to focus solely on haute couture. Judging by this impressive collection of sculptural dresses —or should we say wearable sculptures? — it is apparent that their decision was definitely the right one. Now, it’s up to you if you prefer to actually wear their creations or frame them on the wall!