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  • Wunderkind s/s 2014 campaign. Artwork by Ashkan Honarvar.

  • Wunderkind s/s 2014 campaign. Artwork by Ashkan Honarvar.

  • Wunderkind s/s 2014 campaign. Artwork by Ashkan Honarvar.


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Wunderkind teams up with artist Ashkan Honarvar for its s/s 2014 campaign

Wunderkind, the brand which was created by acclaimed German designer Wolfgang Joop back in 2004 in order to explore the contradictions and dualities inherent in each woman, recently presented its s/s 2014 campaign, whose main theme is a famous Janis Joplin quote: “Freedom is just another word for nothing else to lose”. The campaign features the work of Iranian born Dutch artist Ashkan Honarvar, famous for his unconventional collages that explore the darkest side of the human condition. Drawing inspiration from the collection’s free spirit, as well as by the Prussian heritage of Potsdam, Wolfgang Joop’s hometown, Honarvar created a series of surreal compositions, mixing images of the Wunderkind s/s 2014 campaign shoot with random fragments of flowers, textures, internal organs and inanimate objects.

As the artist explained, the artworks are “an ode to beauty and its transience” and allude to the symbolism of memento mori: “Don’t cling to the past and live in the moment – it’s all over before you know.” Standing as a reminder that “beauty comes in all shapes and sizes and occurs in places you least expect”, Wunderkind’s s/s 2014 campaign is the perfect encounter between an artist that tries to find hope in the extremes and a brand that defies sartorial conventions in order to define modern elegance. Enjoy!